Est. Stockholm 1991
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The Danish brand S.N.S. Herning was founded in 1920 by the then 21 year old Sören Nielsen Skyt.
Sören made his living by selling hand knitted garments out of Herning, Jutland, his hometown in Denmark. Eventually and after a lot of trial and errors Sören managed to transmit the hand knitted techniques he used to a knitting machine with so-called Jacquard strapping. The result was nothing less than identical to the hand knitted pattern and feeling that made Sören’s garments so special. His target group at the time where the old fishermen of the village who where always in need of thick, well knitted wool sweaters to keep them warm in the cold and windy climate they had to endure whether fishing in The North Sea, The Kattegat or The Skagerrak. In 1931 Sören succeeded to create a unique wool sweater who could stand up to the harsh requirements of fishermen’s everyday challenges from nature herself.

At the same time Sören created a timeless product that to this day still stands up to the same tests as it passed with flying colours back in 1931. The sweaters are still manufactured the same way as they where when it all started out. When you hold one of these sweaters in your hands, you might say to yourself "they don't make them like that anymore." Well they do. Today there are only 5 employees at their small factory in Herning, Jutland, 3 of them knitters, who hand-sign the swing tag on each individual sweater. They only produce around 2,500 sweaters each year, half of which are the classic 175 fishing sweater.