Barena Venezia
A/W 2019

Barena Venezia proposes timeless classics that navigate comfortably between heritage, contemporary tendencies and innovative curiosity. Each garment is made in Veneto as part of their curation of daily essentials. The brand dates all the way back to 1961 and has been inspired by the Venetian tradition ever since.

Barena Venezia mimics the qualities of traditional workwear with a modern aesthetic. Loose shapes, quiet precise tailoring, exquisite fabrics, attention to detail and confident versatility are the pillars of their design philosophy. Barena has become one of Nitty Gritty's core brands. We asked mens designer Massimo and womens designer Francesca to answer some questions for us and they kindly did.

Over the years Barena has developed to be one of Nitty Grittys strongest brands. How do you see Barena and Nitty Grittys relation from start until now?

- We can say that Barena Venezia and nitty gritty grew up together during these past years of collaboration.
it is a relationship of mutual trust.

How did you, Francesca and Massimo, work on this fall collection?

- I wanted to create the perfect wardrobe for my ideal woman type: chic and ironic at the same time, elegant and rebel, addicted to the most classic tailored men’s closet

- My approach to this collection has been working simultaneously on designing fabrics, inspiration from the military and workwear world and accurate prototype study.

How do you see the brand and collections of Barena develop in a long term?

- In the last year the collections evolved a lot and will keep on doing so, we have a solid precise direction, a spontaneous Barena character. We manage to be modern whilst keeping the Barena DNA.

The Womens collection this fall is derived from a touch and collective memory, the collection arrives as a spontaneous arrangement. Through a curation of iconic Barena fabrics, a series of minimalist well-crafted garments were constructed with sincere passion. Detailed finishes, sharp contours and casual flair come together in a playfully balanced conversation. This is our DNA, our hinterland, flowing from sensory appropriation.
In its core, the tailoring embraced for AW19 comes from a desire to propose creation driven by instinct and the rawest of beauty. Away with censorship, filters or incessant adjustments. Imagine secretly donning roomy suits from your grandfathers wardrobe. Their shapes appear languid, stripped from their rigor as they balance casually on the female body. An innate sense of freedom; propagated by genteel fabrics caressing the skin, allowing for air and a sense of deliberate emptiness; lingers deeply inside these works.
Everything is, as should be.

The mens collection this fall was drawn from sensory memory.
Whether lending from traditional Venetian workwear, oversized deconstructed tailoring or functional military uniformity; the collection invites for interaction.
These wardrobe essentials are featured in classic heritage fabrics made of fine wool yarns alternating with sturdy tear-proof cotton, garment-dyed velvet with deep and exclusive colors, pure jersey wool embedded in the outerwear pieces and tactile lightweight faux-fur and crisp technical nylon.
The fog banks encapsulating the Venice town, the diligence found in re- building beloved chunky knits and the feeling of that first overcoat handed down to you, timeless.
Made with poetic daily usage in mind, Barena Venezia choose to embrace a novel, more pensive, sense of self.