Krista Kretzschmar

Local jewellery designer and goldsmith Krista Kretzschmar dreamed of crafting and shaping fine metal into fantastic shapes as reflections of her mind already as a child. At age 20, she was accepted to the renowned jewellery school Le Arti Orafe in Florence, where she stayed on for five years. This was also where Krista Kretzschmar earned her internationally certified goldsmith status, and Florence served as the city of her dreams where she found inspiration, freedom and new ways to handle her creativity. Tuscan and Italian culture is an influence and a joyful element in her design process still today. Since graduation, Krista Kretzschmar has mainly worked with special commissions on an International level, but is now represented in a few selected stores worldwide. Her jewellery designs are nothing for the shy, these are statement pieces cast in gold, silver and bronze.

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