Sia Taylor

Sia Taylor is a graduate from The Royal College of Art sculpture school turned goldsmith, and she has recently returned to the UK after a decade in Ibiza. By hand in her Somerset studio, she creates the tiny elements reminiscent of seeds and grass that has become her signature. Her first collection was however produced on a workbench under the shade of a Thorn tree in the Botswanan bush, Taylor went to live in Africa after her MA and has always been fascinated and inspired by the natural forms and creatures in the African landscape since. Combining classical Fine Arts training with a holistic and sensitive approach, Sia Taylor\'s creations show an old-world craftsmanship rarely found in modern design. Timeless, soulful, sculptural pieces of fine jewellery that are divine when worn layered but also magnificent on their own. Despite their modest size they really stand out, these are pieces to own and love a lifetime.

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