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Nitty News - Week 17

Bedwin & the Heartbreakers

At our weekly meeting the other day we had a discussion regarding this weeks Nitty News and the story about Japanese brand Bedwin & the Heartbreakers. A brand that all of us in the Nitty Gritty Crew really like and wear but in many different ways

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Nitty News - Week 15

Over All Master Cloth

Over All Master Cloth is a unique menswear clothing brand. Over All Master Cloth is, if compared to the music industry, what the music business would refer to as a “super group”.

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Nitty News - Week 11

Nitty Gritty Guide

We often get comments about how we should develop the “Nitty Gritty lifestyle” a bit more, but to be honest; we don't know what the Nitty Gritty lifestyle is. There's one thing though, we base our concept upon things we like our selves and try not to look into what “others do”. This seems to have been a quite successful strategy over the years, but to call it a lifestyle, well…

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Nitty News - Week 48

Falling Whistles

Nitty Gritty owner Marcus discovered FaFalling Whistles a while ago and thought it was really good cause. We wanted to take part and we now carry three of their whistles. To explain what it's all about we contacted Jimmy from the Falling Whistles Stockholm office to ask a few questions.

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Nitty News - Week 47

It takes two to tango…

We have taken it upon ourselves and made it our self proclaimed mission to search the globe for superior quality clothes, shoes and accessories. Sometimes we find exactly what we are looking for; sometimes we find something that we feel could need a little extra Nitty Gritty touch in order to suit our demands better. We are quite specific in our re-search, yet very open minded which is a pure necessity when you are looking for new things.

The Bench - Emily and Camilla

Emily Redman and Camilla Bruni work for Vivienne Westwood and visited Stockholm to find possible stockists.

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Nitty News - Week 43

Reverse Running

Nike Gyakusou is the collaboration between Nike and Japanese designer Jun Takahashi from Undercover. Few sport collections have had bigger impact on style, over the past seasons, in a certain sport than the Gyakusou line. Takahashi is a passionate runner himself and with the help from the elements he usually uses for his design work with Undercover he has created a unique and strong aesthetics together with Nike that slightly changes from season to season depending on what surroundings he chooses to run in.

S.N.S Herning

Another brand that has done collaboration with the Japanese is S.N.S. Herning. They did a co-op with Comme des Garcons some years ago, which led to increased status and better reputation among the best stores in the world

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Nitty News - Week 41

Mayor Jane Birkin

“If I were mayor, I'd invite everyone to have free boat trips on the river and free balloon rides over the city. I'd let the elderly in residential homes wander free.”

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Nitty News - Week 39

Surviving in the harshest conditions

Part of the Nitty Gritty crew is off attending the fabric exhibition in Pakistan this week. Not necessarily to buy fabrics, but more as part of an interesting social experiment, to document what they experience at first hand and just simply because they got the opportunity to visit a place that is not the usual destination on our travel agenda, being all western European white trash dudes so to speak

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Nitty News - Week 37

Behind every successful shoemaker is a woman…

Joseph Barltrop founded his shoe company in 1829 in Northamptonshire, England. Master Shoemaker Barltrop's handmade shoes soon became famous for their quality and comfort. One can wonder if he would have started this enterprise and leave it to his son if he knew that his son shortly thereafter would run off and marry a certain lady named Claire Louise Tricker, and re-name the family business after her.

Nitty Gritty Music – Autumn Soul Glo

As summer is slowly walking out the front door, leaving you with those mixed feelings about the fact that autumn is here, you might just want a little something to keep your good mood and energy levels up.

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Nitty News - Week 35

Per i ricchi e per i poveri…

For decades the traditional Italian Sartorial companies have been living the good life, passing on their legacy from one generation to another, producing the finest suits, jackets and trousers in the most delicious fabrics there where to find on the planet. But as the daily wear moved on to a more casual and sport influenced look, the Italian tailors and weavers started to struggle and had to find new ways to display their craft. Some companies survived, but the majority are since long gone.

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Nitty News - Week 33

”Placing things where they should be…”

…meaning, that the shape of a certain thing determines it's place or position in the world. There is room for everything, nothing needs to be wasted or thrown away out of “imperfection”.

The Bench - Antoine Floch

This is Antoine Floch, the creative force behind MAN show and WOMAN show in Paris and New York. He travels to Sweden regularly and is since long a strong supporter of what we do, which is more than mutual.

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Nitty News - Week 21

Your mother is a true grit girl!

If you have true grit, it means you have courage, strength of mind and resolve to what is right. To have the courage to become a mother requires all that and more and that's why we think mothers day (in Sweden, mothers day is always the last Sunday in June) is the most important day of all “days”.

Travel Report London

The last time we where in London was in November. The Weather was about 12-14 degrees Celsius and the sky was all grey. This time we where really happy to enter the Norwegian early bird from Stockholm to head out west towards a spring bursting London and two days filled with inspiration, buying for the shop and hanging out with the hype lords over at A Number of Names Agency. Weather? Well, since its spring time it was at least a lovely 12-14 degrees and grey sky…

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Nitty News - Week 19

Native Americana fashion and food

Hopefully no one has missed our guests in the Nitty Gritty Showroom behind our menswear store. The highly appreciated and beautiful pink coloured El Taco Truck of Stockholm has opened their pop-up Taqueria and will serve Mexican Tacos made with love and the right spices. One who is always very inspired by the native Americana is Hiroki Nakamura - the creative force behind Visvim. 

The Bench - El Taco Truck

The Crew from El Taco Truck

Nitty Gritty Music – Lucha Libre

Taco truck is the house and we took liberty to shoot some Get The Grit pictures in their pop-up restaurant. I made a soundtrack for the occasion.

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Nitty News - Week 15

Bedwin & the Heartbreakers

Masafumi Watanabe is the mastermind behind our latest addition in our brand mix. Bedwin & the Heartbreakers is a Japanese street wear label founded in 2004. Their motto is Paramount Quality which is something we always aim for at Nitty when we search the globe for new and interesting brands that could make it into our stores.


With a sharp edged flair in the fabric selection, lots of courage in the design and an impressive determination and dedication in their work, Swedish designer duo Natalia Altewai and Randa Saome is one of the brightest shining stars on the Scandinavian fashion sky.

Nitty Gritty Music – Almost Blue

Bedwin & Heartbreakers has hit Nitty Gritty and as a dedication they named the collection after Elvis Costello’s song almost blue.

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Nitty News - Week 13


Working with Aspesi is in a way similar to reading a book by the American author Paul Auster. Just like Mr Aspesi, Auster likes to involve colour. The quality of the work is often refined and of great quality without ever being extravagant.

Mismo & A.L.L.

If Nitty Gritty had been a bag and accessories brand, we probably would have been like Mismo. The perfect combination of old traditional craftsmanship shaped in a smart updated design to fairly humane prices. The small leather goods are just perfect, the colour combos of the canvas/leather totes, shoppers and backpacks have something for every style and the branding is always very discreet and humble. It is a small company with big ambitions that always put quality in the first room. Just like Nitty Gritty.

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